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Advices for customers

What to do in case of early termination of lease or credit agreements?

  • First, an application for termination (the cases when you can apply for early termination are specified in the general terms and conditions of lease or loan that form part of your agreement) should be delivered by mail or e-mail to: including the credit or lease agreement number.
  • You will receive the quantified amount for early termination from our company within 5 business days following receipt of your application.
  • As soon as you confirm this amount, our company will issue a proforma invoice/assessment for early termination of the load and the lease or loan will be duly terminated upon payment of this amount by the client.

What to do in case of relocation or sublease of the subject of lease?

  • The lease or loan recipient is not authorized to relocate or sublease the subject of lease or loan without the prior written consent of the lease or loan provider; therefore, an application for the same should be delivered to

What to do in case of changes on the side of loan or lease recipient, e.g. address of registered office, merger, contract assignment to a third party?

  • In all cases, any such facts must be notified by mail or e-mail to
  • Our company will provide its statement concerning the further procedure in case of a merger or contract assignment to a third party within 5 business days after receipt of the notice.
  • All documents sent by our company to the last known address of the client shall be considered delivered effectively until any new delivery address is notified to us.
  • In case of a change in the legal form of the client´s organization the client shall perform the contract in the same scope as before this change.

Can I apply for a postponement of lease or loan instalments?

  • Yes, you can in exceptional cases by delivering your application by mail or e-mail to: with due justification and specification of the relevant lease or credit agreement number.
  • Each application will be assessed by our company individually; our consent is not granted automatically.

What to do in the case I need to borrow the vehicle registration certificate?

  • The client can apply for provision of the vehicle registration certificate by mail or e-mail to
  • Consequently, our personnel will send the vehicle registration certificate to the client by registered mail to the address specified in client´s application.
  • Thereafter, the client shall return the vehicle registration certificate back to the address of our company.

What to do in the case of loss of the vehicle registration certificate?

  • Notify our company at:
  • Specify the Department of Motor Vehicles where we should deliver our letter of authorization for issuing a duplicate copy of the vehicle registration certificate.
  • Out company will issue the letter of authorization for your procedure at the Department of Motor Vehicles and send it (including verified electronic signature) to the data box of the given city/municipality.
  • The client shall send the original vehicle registration certificate to the address of our company after the duplicate copy of the certificate is issued.

What to do in case of excessive payment under a contract?

  • The client is required to send a written request for refund of the excess payment including specification of the bank account number by mail or e-mail to:

What to do in case of an insured event?

Individual insurance:

  • The client is required to report the insured event by e-mail to
  • The client shall provide the following data for the purpose of devinculation (indemnity release):
    • Lease/loan agreement number (alternatively serial number)
    • Date and ref. number of the insured event
    • Damage (documented either by a repair quotation or an invoice for repair)
  • The indemnity shall be released in favour of the repair provider (in case the client already paid the invoice for repair and this payment is proven by documents to us, we will release the indemnity in favour of the client).

Insurance arranged by our company: