Personal data processing

In relation to the new legislation concerning GDPR, PEAC (Czech Republic) s.r.o. publishes a memorandum of the processing of the company's clients’ personal data. This document provides information on your rights concerning the processing of your personal data within PEAC (Czech Republic) s.r.o.. When processing personal data, we adhere to legal regulations, in particular the “Personal Data Protection Act”. Processing of personal data is always executed only within the scope necessary for the specific service or purpose of processing. The personal data of our clients is maintained in a secured manner, namely always for the necessary time. We want you to know what personal data we collect, how we process it and for what purposes we use it. Here you will also find information on the sources from which we acquire such data, and you can also learn to whom we are allowed to disclose it.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with information provided in the Memorandum of Personal Data Processing that you find below.