COVID-19 (the coronavirus) has a major impact on the global community. Against this background, PEAC Finance has already taken measures to ensure business continuity for all customers and to protect its own employees.

Business operations are ensured. However, we ask our customers in this special situation for their understanding if everything does not proceed as usual or if we are not able to react in the usual speed.

In the current situation, we will only be able to make personal appointments with customers to a very limited extent. But we will be at your disposal via the usual communication channels. If you cannot reach your contact person, the head office will help you:

By telephone under +420 222 929 400 in the time from 09:00 – 16:00 o'clock or
by e-mail via info@peacfinance.cz

This is a special time for everyone, and the situation changes daily. We thank you for your continued trust in PEAC Finance.


The possibility of deferral installments ended on September 30, 2020.

For clients with a loan or finance lease contracted and drawn before 26.3.2020 whose income is affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and had no past due more than 30 days as of 26.3.2020.
You may choose to postpone installments until 31.7.2020 or until 31.10.2020 (other variants aren’t option), with a grace period beginning in May 2020 at the earliest.
The withdrawal period begins on the first day of the month following receipt of the Notice.
If you are a legal entity, we will postpone your repayments of the principal, you have to pay interest. If you are an individual entrepreneur, then we will postpone the principal and interest. However, you must continue to pay for both insurance and service, whether you are a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.
You will start paying the deferred principal after the end of the grace period.
Payment of deferred payments is free of charge.

How to do it

You will notify us of your use of the withdrawal period using the Notification form.
Use this form to fill in your business details, where the client representative means the person authorized to act on your behalf.
In the table, fill in the numbers of the contracts for which you are applying for a deferral and for each of the contracts select one of the possible grace periods (until 31.7.2020 or 31.10.2020).
If you are an individual entrepreneur and use the grant program PGRLF, pay attention to the correct choice of option in point III. Notification.
For your better orientation in this issue, please note that the maximum duration of the loan in the program Zemědělec is 7, resp. 8 years. If postponement of the installments results in an extension of the loan beyond this limit and you belong to a group of applicants who may require the postponement of installments, including interest, you lose the entitlement to this support. We therefore offer you the possibility to postpone only the repayments of the principal and to continue to pay interest voluntarily.
Please fill in this form, date, company and sign.
The Notification of Intention to Use the Deferral of Payments also includes a draft amendment to the relevant contract for which you wish to use the deferral. Please fill in the details for the client and sign in the appendix. The amendment must be prepared separately for each contract.
Scan of completed and signed Notification along with scans of all signed draft amendments should be sent by e-mail to moratorium@peacfinance.cz .
If you have any questions, please contact us at telephone number +420 222929400

Change of brand of IKB Leasing to PEAC Finance

As part of the Pan European Asset Company (PEAC), IKB Leasing changed its brand to PEAC Finance with effect from 1 July 2018. In line with this change of brand, we will rework and adapt our website. Our strong customer orientation and international orientation of the company, which will also be continued under new ownership, will remain unchanged.

PEAC is a banking and manufacturer-independent group specialising in sales and machinery financing and related services. Dynamic, efficient and customer-oriented, PEAC offers innovative and intelligent financing solutions in corporate banking and vendor leasing. Within this group, we as a company will help to further expand PEAC's European market presence in order to open up further financing opportunities for our customers and business partners.

Of course, nothing will change for the operational business and our cooperation as a result of the change of name. All agreements made so far remain valid. The contact persons in the company also remain the same and can be reached as usual. For general information do not hesitate to contact us via telephone +420 222 929 400 or e-mail info@peacfinance.cz.

PEAC Finance = Shared Ambition

To achieve market success, you need innovative ideas, outstanding product and reliable, experienced partners who will personally support your growth both within your own country and beyond. We are committed to providing that kind of partnership.

PEAC Finance offers end-to-end financing solutions for machinery and equipment leasing, commercial vehicle and agricultural machinery financing, sales financing, and business and IT services throughout Europe.

Our 500+ employees in nine countries are committed to supporting your success

PEAC Finance offers…

…individual solutions. Products based on modular contract options ensure that financing is precisesly tailored to your specific needs.

…expert advise. For investments in your own country or abroad. Your dedicated advisor provides support at a local level with an indepth understanding of the relevant circumstances, business models and requirements, resulting in long-standing partnerships based on trust.

…transparency. In our contracts and processes. Our leading IT platform provides the basis for uniform quality standards, security and fast, consistent decisions across the company.

…international support. With a European reach of nine countries, we provide international advice and assistance for your investments.