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Financing of agriculture and communal machines and equipments

Financing of machines and equipment for agriculture and communal

optional solution for your success

Easy conditions for accelerated approval of financing without prior publication of financial documents

  • Approved within 24h
  • Deposit of 10%
  • Funded up to EUR 250,00
  • New machines or machines up to 3 years old
  • Maximum funding period 84 months
  • Business duration min. 12 months
  • At least 25% of sales from agricultural activities
  • The possibility of using all grant titles
  • We offer: credit / leasing / operating leasing according to client's choice
  • others have a guarantor
  • For example, we very cheaply finance cars for interest rates common in agriculture
  • We also finance “young farmers” without limiting their business hours if they have a guarantor that meets the above conditions

Standard approval with documentary evidence

  • down payment from 0%
  • the amount of the loan or lease is not limited
  • we like to finance older technology

Operating lease

  • The client pays lower installments than a loan or finance lease
  • Individually calculated residual value and installment settings
  • After the contract is terminated, the client can purchase or extend the financing
  • Possibility of returning the machine after OL

Insurance of the subject of financing with an extended guarantee for the duration of the contract

Financing of RDP subsidies according to the client's needs

No additional fees (for example, for signing a contract or maintaining an account)

Special Offer

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