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Machinery and equipment leasing

You can’t buy success, but you can lease it

Stay one step ahead of the competition and leverage the latest technology for your products and ideas.

Our leasing solutions make it easy: you have access to state-of-the-art equipment for a corresponding period, without having to purchase it. Even better, the equipment actually pays for itself through the income it generates.

Our contracts are drafted to meet your specific requirements. Are you looking for flexibility during the contract period? Or would you prefer the security of predictable costs from the planning phase right through to the end of the contract?

We are always on hand to provide professional support for your projects in Germany and abroad, thereby helping to ensure that your investment is a success.

Get in touch with us now – for personalised advice and support.

Seize opportunities: leasing with PEAC Finance

We provide financing solutions and regional expertise in 8 countries.

Personalised advice

PEAC Finance has a reputation for treating customers fairly from the very first meeting through to the end of the contract.

With over 40 years of experience as a machinery and equipment leasing expert, we understand the associated assets, your industry and its cycles, and we know exactly what you need from a financing arrangement. We will be happy to advise you, both in Germany and beyond.

Modular contract options

We keep a clear focus on your specific needs and financial situation when drawing up the contract.

Whether you are looking for a short or long lease, high or low rental payments or a calculated residual value at the end of the contract – by choosing the option that matches your precise requirements, you benefit from certainty and flexibility today and in the future.

Fast decisions

You have an attractive quote and need a quick financing decision. Thanks to our extensive asset expertise and transparent processes, you can rely on our decisions – we respond promptly and tailor our solution to your specific requirement.

Adapted to your needs: your lease contract

Every company, every industry and every leased item has its own unique requirements. Accordingly, we work with you to develop a lease contract that meets your exact needs.

Our standard contract types

1 Finance lease
for certainty right from the start
2 Operational leasing
reliable and flexible
3 Subsidised and unsubsidised loads
complete flexibility at all times

1) Finance lease

Traditional form of financing associated with potential offers for low down payment and seasonal instalments. This product is perceived as procurement of a machine in form of instalments, in particular.

2) Operational leasing

If you decide for financing using this product, you as the lease recipient will pay for use of the machine or equipment selected, simply saying.

The optimum amount of monthly instalments can be set through appropriate determination of the net book value of the asset and so the lease agreement can be adapted to financial possibilities of any company. Therefore, the sum of lease instalment will not cover the full purchase price. This will be appreciated mainly by clients who wish to develop their business through procurement of good quality and large-capacity machines.

The clients have the following option upon termination of the lease agreement:

  • They may purchase the machine to become their property in case they wish to continue using the machine and have the net book value available to pay for the machine.
  • In case client´s situation does not allow direct purchase, we will offer distribution of the net book amount to additional instalments affordable for the client (prolongation of the lease agreement).
  • The third option is return of the subject of lease to the leasing company. If client´s job is completed or the client has no more use of the subject of lease or if the machine no longer meets client´s quality or capacity needs, the subject of lease can be returned to us without the obligation to pay the net book value.

3) Subsidised and unsubsidised loads

This form of financing is appropriate for investments that are co-financed with a subsidy from EU funds ( Comparing to a standard bank loan, we offer simpler forms of loan security that are limited to the subject of financing in most of the cases. This product plays an important role in agriculture thanks to subsidies from PGRLF ( and SZIF (

Your rental payments

1 Linear payments , for planning security.

2 Decreasing payments , for investments that generate strong income at the beginning.

3 Increasing payments , for investments that take time to generate income.

4 Seasonal instalments , if your production process generates irregular revenues.

More good reasons to lease instead of buying

Improve and protect your liquidity and profitability

Leasing means your cash is not tied up in fixed assets, thus giving you greater flexibility to make other essential investments. You can also use your available capital in more profitable ways, e.g. to obtain discounts and special terms.

Benefit from flexible contracts

Whether you need a short lease or long lease, low or high rental payments, one-off payments, an early termination option or the flexibility to extend – we structure our financing solution to meet your specific requirements.

Sale and leaseback – release capital for new investments

Sell assets purchased during the course of the year and lease them back. This allows you to benefit from retroactive financing of your capital goods.

Sell used equipment

Leverage our many years of experience in selling leased assets. We will be happy to help you dispose of such items in order to generate new opportunities.

Save time by financing used equipment

When orders need to be completed fast, we offer the option of financing used equipment that is nonetheless fully up-to-date. This equipment is typically available and ready for use sooner than new equipment.

Does that sound worth considering? It definitely is. Don’t put off making those important investment decisions any longer – get in touch with us now.

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