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Commercial vehicle financing

Financing of trucks and passenger cars

Our company offers financing of new and used trucks based on the KNOW-HOW provided by our affiliated company PEAC Mobility GmbH. Furthermore, we offer attractive forms of financing of passenger cars. Unlike other companies, we apply the same approach to financing of both new and used vehicles.

Comprehensive advice

We offer comprehensive consultations in the area of financing of trucks and passenger cars, both new and used.

Fast decisions

With our automatized processes we are capable of procuring new passenger cars with minimum documents within the accelerated financial model. The same applies to approval of truck financing.

Europe-wide solutions

We fully use the know-how of our affiliated company PEAC Mobility GmbH.

Our qualified consultants are capable of finding a quick and optimum solution and assist you whether you decide for a single purchase or financing of your entire fleet.

Financing options:

  • Financing of new and used trucks and passenger cars
  • Financing of vehicles imported from abroad
  • Financing of down payments to the seller according to your needs
  • Individual insurance arrangements

Types of agreements:

  • Loan – the vehicle becomes your property immediately
  • Finance lease – standard financing with the minimum lease duration of 54 months
  • Operational leasing – potential tax optimization thanks to our long-term know-how

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West Czech republic
Marek Krutiš
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East Czech republic
Tomáš Kašík
Phone: +420 222 929 411
Mobile: +420 606 678 581